Children in general have a nasty tendency to being immoral hellions who wreck havoc on the world, oblivious to the consequences and suffering they leave in their wakes. They're basically small tasmanian devils. 

I'm not saying that I know anything about children, I'm just saying that it's hard to be a decent person when your supramarginal gyrus hasn't finished developing.

If anybody knows what it's like to deal with children on a regular basis, it's the elementary school system. They deal with hundreds of thousands of those little suckers on a daily basis.

According to, Varndean School in Brighton, England found a moderately surprising way to improve the behavior of the children who attended their school: add goats.

Yup, the school got five goats and now their kids are misbehaving less. Understandable, actually; I would also be kind of disappointed if my goat privileges were taken away.

So that's pretty neat, I guess.