Alan Rickman has a special place in my heart. Firstly, of course, he was the actor who breathed life into Harry Potter's Professor Severus Snape, and that'a always going to be a magical memory of his work. 

But even before I knew him as Snape, I knew him as Metatron in the 1999 film Dogma and fell in love with that droning British voice and the way he delivered such delicious sass. He came back as the absolutely terrible Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd and as the really drugged-up Blue Caterpillar in those weird Alice in Wonderland movies with Johnny Depp. It was always a special treat when Alan Rickman would pop up in a new movie or narrate a new clip.

I really was sad, quite sincerely bummed out, when I heard that he had lost the fight with cancer. I even got a little misty when he finally came up on the list of great, departed actors in the following Oscars show.

So it's with great pleasure that I share his final official work (not counting Alice Through the Looking Glass, which was technically published afterwards, although recorded before). 

Watch this cute video of a tortoise eating a strawberry to help Alan Rickman save children in need:

In fact, watch it again, and share with your friends! 

Honestly, is there any down side to this?

R.I.P. always, Mr. Rickman.